Laura Govan explains her Jackie Christie ‘shade’

    Laura M. Govan tweeted a popular saying that might help shed light on her strategy when it comes to dealing with her “Basketball Wives: L.A.” co-star, Jackie Christie.

    “Finish the line… ‘Keep your FRIENDS close and your ENEMIES even…. ???’” Laura tweeted Monday night.

    The tell-it-like-it-is reality star recently drew criticism for her dealings with Jackie, which some considered shady.

    “[Laura is] very fake with her!” tweeted S2S Twitter follower BrandiJRosario.

    “Laura Govan is messy. One minute she is talking about Jackie the next minute she is hugging her,” posted another Twitter user.

    Although Jackie obviously felt close enough to Laura to invite her to be in her most recent wedding, Laura suggested her side of the friendship may be less than genuine.

    “I’m doing exactly what she did to me. She was saying, ‘Oh my, God. We’re best friends for life. We’re best friends forever,’ and then she’d turn around and try to dog me out to everybody,” explained Laura. “All right. I’ll show you.”

    While she’s yet to really confront Jackie about all the season 1 drama, Laura admitted to that there are some lingering issues that she plans to address.

    “A lot of things had happened last season with Jackie, and there were some things that I wanted to clear up and get off my chest with her,” said Laura.

    Though some might consider Laura’s chatter harsh when she says what she says, the mother of four explained that when she’s with her co-stars, she just lets loose.

    “The time with the girls is my therapy. I use it to get out anything that I want to say,” she said. “When I hear adult conversation, I’m just jokey. I can’t, unless it’s business, I just don’t focus. I have to wig out. Everybody needs their time, so I take it out on the girls.”

    Unlike some who may think before they speak, Laura said she lacks that filter.

    “As I’m thinking it, it starts coming out my mouth, and I just start having diarrhea of the mouth,” she said.

    Does Laura have ADD? Get her take below.


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    —Tracy L. Scott


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