Tia, Tamera work on working together

    While some co-stars may need a little time to get used to working with one another, that’s something the stars of “Tia & Tamera” don’t have to worry about.

    “You don’t have to work on chemistry. It’s just natural. Usually, when you’re working with someone you have to work on that chemistry and build that chemistry. It just comes naturally to us,” Tia Mowry-Hardrict said about working with twin Tamera Mowry-Housley.

    Season 2 of “Tia & Tamera” continues tonight at 9 p.m. EST on the Style network. Tamera still preps to give birth to her first child and focuses on her acting career, while Tia celebrates her son’s first birthday.

    “I love being a mom. I love helping other moms. We definitely want to build a brand focusing on that arena,” said Tia, who’s gotten the ball rolling with her first book about pregnancy, Oh, Baby.

    Though Tia and Tamera have been working together since their teens as the stars of “Sister, Sister” and have a natural chemistry, that’s not to suggest it’s always easy.

    “If you’re having issues, like every sister, brother or even husbands and wives that work together, you take it to work,” Tia said. “That can be kind of hard, shutting off your differences and just going to work.”

    Tamera agreed: “The worst part is you have your days where you might be annoyed or tired and unfortunately, the cameras are catching that as well.”

    Even though they may experience a cranky day or two, the sisters have learned to quickly settle any issues that arise.

    “My sister and I, we never go to bed angry. It’s really important for you to really talk out your issues and not allow it to fester and grow… We like to just hammer it out and just move on,” Tia said.

    “We don’t have bitterness. People hold on to crap for years and don’t talk to your family members. We just get it all out,” Tamera said.

    Listen to Tia and Tamera below.
    Tia and Tamera Mowry discuss their relationship by S2Smag

    Watch a clip from season 2. Tia goes short.





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    —Tracy L. Scott


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