Angela Simmons offers three Ps to success

    It may seem that Angela Simmons’ road to success was paved before she was even born, but the designer said she’s had to deal with closed doors and obstacles just like everyone else.

    “We’ve all faced discouragement, but it’s what you do with the discouragement that’s going to get you where you’re going,” Angela told Sister 2 Sister. “If you keep it, and you just stop and you give up, you’re not going to get anywhere.”

    The model and fashion designer said she deals with naysayers and criticism by remaining patient, persistent and passionate.

    “You have to be patient. You have to be really passionate about whatever it is that you’re doing, and you have to be persistent. Just keep going. I’ve hit many bumps in my road, and I am still working on a lot of projects myself, but I use those three Ps for my life,” Angela said at a recent event at Howard University.

    While Angela admits that being surrounded by creative and successful entrepreneurs, like her uncle Russell Simmons and his ex-wife Kimora Lee Simmons, helped her figure out her life path at an early age, she said passion is what’s kept her on track.

    “If I don’t really believe in something, and I do it anyway, it’s a fail, but when you really, really love it and all of your passion is behind it, and you’re just going for it, people can see that, and they know that it’s for real. So, it’s gotta come from yourself."

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    —Tracy L. Scott





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