‘Basketball Wives: L.A.’ recap: 10.23.12

    Everyone was trying to figure out who their friends really are on Monday’s episode of "Basketball Wives: L.A."

    Are we cool?

    Malaysia Pargo was able to make peace with Jackie Christie, admitting she really can’t stay mad at her. That’s probably a good thing considering she and her friend Bambi were set to be in Jackie’s wedding.

    Things between Laura Govan and Bambi are another story. The "BBW: L.A." newbie is feeling a little iffy about Laura after her cold comments about Jackie on the last episode. On top of that, she’s pretty sure she’s heard Laura cracking a few jokes about her.

    Simply put, Bambi’s keeping an eye on Laura, who openly admits that she cracks jokes about everyone and she has no plans of changing that any time soon. You don’t have to like Laura, but she at least wants you to be honest about it.

    Jackie’s getting married…again

    Jackie Christie might be the bride, but Laura really committed to the idea of a gay pride wedding by coming to the ceremony dressed as a drag queen.

    Though she had to give Laura the side-eye for literally putting her behind on Doug Christie’s shoulder, Jackie didn’t let the well-intentioned shenanigans distract her from renewing her vows for the 17th time.

    And we found out that Jackie and Doug are in the habit of keeping their hands to themselves before their wedding every year. Like many couples these days, the Christies practice some pre-ceremony celibacy for about a month prior to their big day.

    Brooke breaks down her beefs

    After her wedding, Jackie wanted to know which side Brooke is on when it comes to the beef between her and Draya Michele.

    While Brooke hasn’t written Jackie off–preferring to let the cast veterans work out their issues themselves–Brooke made it clear that if a fight pops off, she’s jumping to Draya’s defense.

    Naturally, Jackie was not pleased to hear that and offered up a warning to Brooke: "Whoever jumps in gotta go down with her."

    Meanwhile, Brooke also explained that at one point she and cast rival Bambi attempted to be cordial. However, that truce fizzled out when Brooke blocked Bambi on Twitter. It wasn’t really anything personal, but the model preferred to keep her personal business among her trusted friends and followers–all 27,000+ of them.

    Up, up and away

    Malaysia did not believe she could fly when the girls went hang gliding. While Bambi, Laura and Draya all got off the ground without a hitch, it took a couple of tries to get into the air.

    It was just the latest challenge that Malaysia has subjected herself to this season, and she conquered it. And Bambi proved to be worthy of Malaysia’s nearly blind loyalty (per street code rules), as the only reason that she came hang gliding was to make sure Malaysia was okay. That’s mainly because she does not trust Laura, who proposed the idea in the first place.

    Bambi is down for her friend Malaysia. Anyone willing to strap a giant kite to her back and run off of a hill for you is a good friend. Subsequently, Bambi may not want to get comfortable with that idea because Malaysia wants to try it again–next time with a steeper hill.

    Happy birthday, Brooke!

    If we learned nothing from Brooke’s birthday party it is that one should always be aware of their surroundings when gossiping about someone. Why? Because Jackie almost caught the model talking about her. That would have been an awkward start to her birthday bash by the pool.

    But there are plenty of opportunities for tense moments since Brooke’s biggest hater will be at her party. We wonder which fight will make the bigger splash: Draya vs. Jackie or Brooke vs. Bambi?

    —Sonya Eskridge



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