‘Chrissy & Mr. Jones’ recap: 10.23.12

    This week’s episode of "Chrissy & Mr. Jones" was all about fixing romantic rifts.

    Mama Jones tells Jim to soften up

    You know you’re wrong when your mom tells you so, and that’s exactly what Nancy Jones told Jim Jones.

    Without Chrissy Lampkin at home, the rapper has been moping around the house, eating nothing but donuts and chocolate chips. It’s a pitiful sight. Before Jim plunged himself into a sugar coma, though, Nancy decided that she would come over and cook him an actual meal.

    As she was stirring things up in the kitchen, Mama Jones offered her lonely son some advice. She told him that he’s got to soften up when it comes to his relationship with Chrissy. That capo act might sell records, but he can’t always be the boss when it comes to love.

    Mama Jones has a point! Chrissy can’t always be the one to make the effort to set things straight whenever they have a problem. After a while it will start to feel like she’s the only one putting in any work to keep their love alive, and that gets old.

    Talia wants to sing

    Working with someone you love is not always easy–especially after you break up. Chrissy’s friend Talia isn’t just a stylist; she wants to be a singer. While she’s got a decent voice, she’s feeling that her music career has been stalled way too long. Employing her ex-boyfriend JoJo Brim as her manager only complicates matters.

    Talia didn’t explicitly state why they broke up, but it’s implied that she may have caught him creeping. Although JoJo appears to be sorry about the way he treated her in their relationship, Talia is still very hurt over the situation. And it would be reasonable to assume that she still has feelings for him.

    This is probably a great example of why Chrissy striking out on her own with a men’s fashion line is probably for the best right now. When mixing business with pleasure, personal problems almost always come with you to the office. It’s a recipe for disaster–or at least good reason to take a few personal days off from work.


    Go home, Chrissy!

    Of course, after Mama Jones tried talking some sense into her stubborn son, she dropped by Chrissy’s new pad. Good thing they’re on better terms than they were during season 1 of "Love & Hip Hop."

    Chrissy and Nancy have had their differences in the past, but she wants her son happy. That means Chrissy’s got to be by his side. As such, Mama Jones made her case about why she’s got to soften up a little too.

    If we never hear Nancy say anything else that makes sense, we have to give her props for giving the troubled couple some real advice. If you’ve got something good, then you still need to work to stay together.


    —Sonya Eskridge

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