Bobbi Kristina calls ‘Houstons’ a gift

    Bobbi Kristina admitted that it was hard allowing “The Houstons: On Our Own” cameras to film some of the family’s private moments.

    “There were very, very intimate moments that we had and we shared on camera,” Bobbi told “Access Hollywood.”

    The reality series focuses on the lives of Whitney Houston’s relatives as they struggle to forge a new normal in the wake of her passing. It premieres tonight on Lifetime.

    Bobbi considers the show a tribute to her mom.

    “There’s many more gifts to come to her. This is just one of my gifts to her that I’m sending out,” she said.

    Though adjusting to life without her mom hasn’t been easy for the 19-year-old, Bobbi said her family has helped her through it.

    “What gives us strength is my family and knowing that she’s watching down on us, watching down and applauding and being happy and smiling and rejoicing as well as we are and her life and her legacy,” she said.

    A preview clip from the series shows the Houston family gathering at Whitney’s grave.

    “We do miss her, and we do love her and we want to represent her in the most royal way that we possibly can. That’s all we know how to do,” she said.

    Whitney passed away in February, and there were fears that Bobbi would self-destruct, but the budding actress said she’s coping.

    “I’m doing pretty good,” she said. “I’m doing better than I ever thought I would.”

    Bobbi, who’s been dating her adopted brother Nick Gordon since her mother died, said she plans to pass on what she learns to any children she may have in the future.

    "She taught me everything I know. She made me the woman who I am today," said Bobbi who didn’t respond to recent rumors that she’s pregnant.

    See more of Bobbi’s interview below.

    See promo photos from "The Houstons."



    —Tracy L. Scott

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