Nicki Minaj brushes off wardrobe malfunctions

    Nicki Minaj gave fans fair warning that they might get more than an eyeful when she kicked off her world tour.

    Nicki might need to make a few adjustments to her wardrobe after a very revealing show in Nottingham on Sunday night. The "Pound The Alarm" rapper had a few nip slips during the concert, but she came well prepared for the wardrobe malfunction by wearing pasties.

    It seems all of her costumes were a little too low-cut and Nicki first flashed the audience gathered at the Capital FM Arena when her right nipple came out of her corset during "Va Va Voom."

    Nicki reminded the crowd that she’s no stranger to some overexposure as she had a rather unfortunate nip slip during a performance on "Good Morning America" back in 2011.

    "This is our first show so excuse any boobs popping out or any penises popping out," Nicki said Sunday night. "You guys have seen my boobs before. You won’t tell anyone, will you? What happens in Nottingham…"

    The Pink Friday rapper also seemed to have a hard time keeping herself contained in a leather bustier. When she perfomed "Starships" in a bedazzled bra, it failed to cover up her boobs.

    Nicki rounded out the evening none the worse for wear as she thanked her loyal fans for dropping by, tweeting, "NOTTINGHAM!!!!! THANK U SOOOOOO VERY VERY VERY MUCH FOR COMING OUT TONITE!!!!! U GUYS WERE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! #PinkFridayRELOADEDTTour."

    Check out some more covered-up shots of Nicki when you flip through the slideshow, below!


    —Sonya Eskridge




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