Woman suspected of lying about KKK attack

    Police in Louisiana say a woman who claimed to have been set on fire by three White men donning KKK attire, may have been lying about the whole thing.

    Sharmeka Moffitt of Winnsboro, Louisiana called 911 around 8 p.m. on Sunday evening claiming she had been doused in some sort of flammable liquid and set on fire. Sharmeka also claimed the men wrote the initials KKK on her car along with a racial slur.

    After two full days of investigating the incident, authorities say that the evidence suggests Sharmeka set herself ablaze, according to CBS affiliate KSLA, who also reported that Winnsboro Police linked her fingerprints to a lighter and a bottle of lighter fluid found at the scene.

    “The investigation has revealed that this was not an attack but a self-inflicted incident that happened to her,” Winnsboro Police Chief Lester Thomas told reporters Tuesday afternoon.

    The original story that Sharmeka had been set on fire by three White men quickly gained national attention after it went viral via Facebook and Twitter. The FBI even stepped in to investigate what they thought might have been a hate crime.

    Sharmeka’s family and friends were planning to hold a candlelight vigil as she remains in critical condition with burns, some third-degree, on over half of her body. The family released a statement in light of recent circumstances:

    “Our family is devastated to learn the circumstances surrounding our daughter’s injuries. While this was not the resolution we had expected, it’s a resolution.”


    No motive has been announced, but Winnsboro Police are continuing to investigate the incident.

    —Jacob Rohn


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