Church shooter has history of mental illness

    Floyd Palmer, the man accused of walking into the World Changers Church International and fatally shooting a volunteer who was leading morning services, has a history of mental instability.

    Floyd, a 52-year-old former employee of the church, had previously been committed to a psychiatric hospital after being charged with attempted murder in Maryland eight years ago, according to CBS News citing court records.

    Witnesses told police yesterday that Floyd calmly walked into the church, shot and killed 39-year-old volunteer Greg McDowell while he was leading morning services in front of approximately 20 people, and walked out calmly.

    Fulton County Police officers apprehended Floyd just a few hours later at a Macy’s store inside of Atlanta’s Lenox Square Mall as reported by CNN affiliates.

    Floyd had resigned from the church back in August, citing personal reasons.

    World Changers Church International is best known for their controversial founder, Creflo Dollar, who is hailed by some and hated by others for his unabashed wealth and preaching. The church currently boasts over 30,000 members.

    Creflo was not at the church at the time of the shooting, and it is still not clear whether or not Floyd specifically targeted Greg.

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    —Jacob Rohn



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