Dayanne Danier talks fall line

    Growing up in a Haitian family, fashion designer Dayanne Danier said most Haitians grow up aspriring to be doctors or lawyers, not fashionistas.

    For Dayanne growing up, image was a very important concept, strongly enforced by her father beginning at a young age.

    “My dad would always tell us as we were growing up, ‘Make sure you bien abyé because you don’t want people to talk about you. Make sure you bien abyé when you leave the house,’” she said.

    Thus creating the name of her line, Bien Abyé, which means, “well-dressed” in French-Creole. After being in the fashion industry for over a decade, Dayanne decided to follow her dream, and Bien Abyé was created three years ago.

    “At the peak of a bad economy I decided to quit my job and pursue my dream to start a fashion company. I’ve never felt more fulfilled in my life. It’s been a rollercoaster,” she said.

    Dayanne designs with the needs of the “Renaissance woman,” ages 30-55, in mind. Her dreams? Having her line in more high-end stores and going international.

    “It’s really about appropriately dressed women who are very active and [who] want to look amazing every time she leaves her house. It’s not just an American thing; it’s a global thing,” she said.

    Dayanne said her inspirations come from all different things, but she loves architecture and flowers. Last spring she was inspired by the Amazon rainforest, which prompted her to create bright silk and colorful print pieces for her spring line.

    Her new fall line, titled “La Vie Eu Bleu,” which means "Life in Blue," was inspired by Picasso’s blue period. Dayanne said she wanted to design a small line in all blue where a woman could have the eight essential pieces they need in their closet.

    “Women need to look at a wardrobe as an investment. Buy more key pieces that are trendy enough to mix and match very easily with other pieces,” she said.
    Dayanne said pieces from her latest spring line can easily be mixed with her fall line, both of which are available on her website


    Take a peek at La Vie En Bleu below!



    —Kimberly Glascoe




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