D.C. Sniper Malvo claims sexual abuse

    More than a decade after the two terrorized the Washington, D.C. area, Lee Boyd Malvo revealed that the man he once referred to as his father had sexually abused him.

    “For the entire period when I was almost 15 until I got arrested, I was sexually abused by John Muhammad,” Lee told “Today” about the mastermind behind the killings.

    “I felt a sense of shame, and I just said, ‘That’s just something that I’d never tell anyone,” said Lee, who decided to open up about the abuse after some self-evaluation.

    “I am more mature. As far as the guilt that I carried around for several years, I dealt with that to a large extent for several years…and now I can handle this,” he said. “In solitary confinement, in a cell by yourself, I am priest, doctor, therapist. So, it just worked out that I just took it off piece by piece.”

    Lee said his abuse didn’t start with John. He recounted earlier sexual misconduct by a babysitter and relatives. He confided that to John, he said.

    “I had wanted that level of love and acceptance and consistency for all my life, and couldn’t find it. And even if unconsciously, or even in moments of short reflection, I knew that it was wrong. I did not have the willpower to say no.”

    While a sexual relationship might explain John’s control over Lee, some doubt his story.

    “He has simply been coached by fellow prisoners how to get sympathy and use that to get public interest and early release,” wrote one commenter on the “Today” site.

    “He’s the same homosexual killer he was back then. He just calls it abuse now,” wrote another.

    What do you think about Lee’s story? Do you believe him? Does it change your opinion of him either way? Leave your comments below.

    —Tracy L. Scott



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