S2S Review: ‘The Houstons’

    "The Houstons: On Our Own" finally debuted last night and we were pleasantly surprised.

    When news first broke that Whitney Houston’s family would be doing a reality show, we weren’t sure what to expect. After all, we’d already seen Whitney and Bobbi Kristina on "Being Bobby Brown." Now it would just be Bobbi as she continues to mourn Whitney’s death and adjust to life without her mother.

    Obviously, the family would be dealing with some very difficult times after Whitney’s sudden, tragic death in February. And with them launching into "The Houstons" so soon after the loss, was there really any time to heal?

    Well, it’s all part of the process, as Whitney’s fans get to see how her loved ones are coping in the aftermath of their personal tragedy.

    What we like:
    - Whitney’s family is really committed to making sure that Bobbi Kristina stays close to them.
    - Pat is great at giving background about what’s going on in the family.
    - There were some wonderfully honest family moments during the show.
    - The audience is finding things out about the family and its dynamic that we never knew before.
    - It’s very obvious that Bobbi Kristina’s well-being is the main concern for the Houstons right now.
    - We finally found out how Nick came to live with Bobbi and Whitney.
    - The Houstons were very gracious about sharing very private moments with the audience.
    - It was really poignant that the show picked up around Mother’s Day, when Bobbi Kristina would be experiencing it without Whitney for the first time.

    What they need to work on:
    - Whoever sang the theme song was obviously trying to give a little of Whitney’s flavor, but they should have just gotten one of Whitney’s tracks.
    - It was a little weird to have the audience follow the family to Whitney’s grave for the first time ever. Even though this is a reality show, that is a really private moment.
    - Nick doesn’t need to co-sign everything on Bobbi Kristina’s mind, and he needs to make it a priority for her to be around the rest of the Houstons more often.
    - Some of the confessionals were a little too scripted.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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