Laura Govan plotting Jackie Christie revenge?

    Laura Govan doesn’t mind fans thinking she’s two-faced for the time being because she said it will all make perfect sense by the end of season 2 of “Basketball Wives: L.A.”

    Viewers have criticized Laura for treating co-star Jackie Christie as a friend to her face, but saying cruel things about her when she’s not around.

    “With Jackie and the things we have going on, I had my own agenda,” she told Sister 2 Sister. “I am shady, kinda … and it’s for a reason. It’s for my own reason.”

    Her co-stars, Malaysia Pargo and Adiz Bambi, seemed as confused as viewers about how Laura seemed to flip flop. That’s because Laura opted not to share her real motives with her castmates.

    “I’m not the type to tell everyone what I want to do. I didn’t feel the need, so I didn’t,” said Laura, who admitted that she hasn’t quite forgiven Jackie for stirring up drama in season 1.

    “I just wasn’t gonna let her off the hook like that,” said Laura. “Everything comes full circle. You get a better understanding why I was doing what I was doing.”

    The mother of four didn’t want to share too many details about what’s to come, but while viewers are scratching their heads in confusion and questioning her character, Laura asserts that she’s still the most keep-it-real cast member on the show.

    While there was a strategy to her deception, she said others had no real reason to talk about their fellow cast members, other than petty gossip and cattiness.

    “Y’all keep saying I talk behind her back,” she said. “I have a plan. Y’all just talking $#!t to be talking $#!t.”

    As for her critics, Laura understands why they may feel she’s being shady, and she has little defense.

    “I accept the criticism,” she said.

    See photos of Laura, Gloria Govan, Jennifer Williams and more of your fave “Basketball Wives.”

    —Tracy L. Scott


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