Laura Govan goes in on Adiz Bambi

    At first it seemed Malaysia Pargo might have to referee an altercation between newcomers Adiz Bambi and Brooke Bailey, but now she’s jumping in the middle of a Laura M. Govan and Bambi beef.

    Malaysia’s friend, Bambi, reluctantly attempted to befriend Laura, who exchanged blows with Malaysia in the series’ premiere episode. Although Malaysia and Laura squashed their season 1 beef, it seems a new one is cooking since Bambi confronted Laura about her behavior.

    To hash things out, Laura invited Bambi to meet her in the park so the two could speak in private. Unbeknownst to Laura, for a Compton native like Bambi, such an invitation usually means things are about to get physical.

    While they didn’t swing on one another, the two ladies pretty much agreed to disagree about Laura’s so-called “fake” behavior.

    After watching the show, Laura tweeted that if she really wanted to fight Bambi, she wouldn’t have scheduled an appointment for it. It would have happened whenever the offense took place. That led to Twitter tough-talk from the two ladies.



    Then, Malaysia jumped to her friend’s defense.

    It remains to be seen whether Laura and Malaysia will be able to maintain their friendship if Laura and Bambi can’t get along. In the past, Malaysia all but ignored Brooke when she thought the buxom model had an issue with Bambi.

    Fans may have to wait until the season 2 reunion show airs to find out where the ladies’ relationships stand now. The reunion show tapes Saturday, Nov. 10 in Los Angeles.

    Though the failure of the co-stars’ relationships is unfortunate, the beefs seem to be boosting ratings. Season 2 of the popular spin-off series wasn’t drawing as many viewers as its predecessor, but more than 2 million people tuned in for the latest episode which also featured an argument between Brooke and Jackie Christie.

    —Tracy L. Scott



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