Miss Lawrence, Derek J dish on ‘RHOA’ feuds

    Honorary “Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-stars, Miss Lawrence and Derek J, admitted that the series has taken its toll on their friendships with the show’s celebs.

    On a recent Bravo special, Lawrence addressed rumors that he’s no longer BFFs with former co-star Sheree Whitfield, and commented on where things stand with him and Kandi, who Derek blamed for a lot of the miscommunication on the show.

    “Miss Kandi can’t repeat a story correctly at all. So, by the time the story gets back to somebody else, it be all wrong by the time it gets out of Kandi’s mouth,” said Derek, who feels he gets caught up in the drama.

    Derek said he and NeNe Leakes went a year without speaking because he remained friends with her rival, Kim Zolciak.

    “NeNe’s a very friend-oriented person, and she believes that if you are her friend, you are ‘her friend.’ We had a year of not really speaking with each other. She felt like me still going over to Kim’s was a breach of friendship and then Kim felt like everything we talked about, I would go back and tell NeNe. So, it was just a big mess,” said Derek.

    Derek didn’t explain whether or not he chose between the two women, but either way, he’s “moved on.”

    As for Lawrence, he doesn’t have issues with any of the ladies, but he’s not so sure whether or not they have issues with him.

    “I will always be Sheree’s friend. Now, whether she wants to be mine or not, I don’t have nothing to do with that, but me, I will always be Sheree’s friend,” said Lawrence, responding to gossip that he and Sheree are on the outs.

    While Sheree has apparently been ousted from the series, Miss Lawrence has been featured on trailers and teasers for the new season. He didn’t say whether that could be a cause of the alleged strife.

    However, he did comment on his professional relationship with Kandi who helped the openly gay stylist record his song, “Closet Freak.”

    While Kandi is known for helping Kim record her hit song “Tardy for the Party,” with little monetary compensation, Lawrence said he could relate, since he’s not seen a dime from the success of his single.

    “I ain’t seen no money. We had a split sheet in place. Ain’t no split came about,” said Lawrence, who claimed, “it’s not an issue.”

    Though the men remained pretty much unscathed by the “RHOA” drama, they assured viewers that there’s more to come on season 5 and proved that it’s not just the ladies on the show who are exposed to extreme amounts of drama.

    Watch a clip of Lawrence and Derek below.

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    —Tracy L. Scott


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