Meagan Good previews ‘Deception’

    Meagan Good predicts that her upcoming NBC drama, "Deception," will keep fans on the edge of their seats.

    Megan will be kicking butt as she uncovers the situation surrounding her best friend’s death on "Deception," which still doesn’t have a set premiere date.

    Promotion for the show had been a little hard to pin down as producers hadn’t been able to decide on one title for the drama before settling on "Deception." Previously, the series had been dubbed "Notorious" and "Infamous."

    Meagan heads up the cast as San Francisco cop Joanna Locasto. She’s brought home to solve the murder of a childhood friend named Vivian Lawson who comes from a rather wealthy family.

    "You could say they’re kind of like the Hiltons. [Joanna’s] mother was a maid in the household," Meagan said of the show. "So Joanna grew up with another young lady that was the same age as her [Vivian Lawson]—that was the daughter of the family—and they became best friends."

    As is the case with many childhood friends, Joanna and Vivian eventually grow apart. Joanna moves to San Francisco to be a cop while Vivian stays in New York and becomes a socialite. When the NYPD needs help solving the party girl’s death, Joanna is called back to the East Coast by an old flame, Will Sacovitch (played by Laz Alonso).

    The character Meagan plays on "Deception" is a bit of a departure from the roles that she usually takes on. "Joanna is very tough, very ambitious. She’s a little bit sarcastic. She trusts her instincts," Meagan explained. "She’s a little bit vulnerable, too, but you won’t see it very often. She kind of dives right in."

    As Meagan sees it, that’s just one of the elements that will get viewers wrapped up in "Deception," which the actress describes as sexy, funny and sad all at the same time. But above all, "Deception" will keep viewers wanting more as they get further and further into the case.

    "It’s constantly going to keep you in suspense," Meagan said. "I think that people are really going to get into it. They’re always going to want to know what happens next. The cliffhangers are incredible."

    She added, "Most of all, you really want to find out what happened with this girl."

    Find out how Will manages to bring Joanna home in the clip below!

    Joanna wastes no time digging into the Vivian’s death in the preview below, but is her friend’s sister suspicious of the all the questions?





    —Sonya Eskridge




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