Secret service sweeps Jada Pinkett Smith’s home

    Something gone missing in your house? Jada Pinkett Smith suggests that you call the secret service.

    The actress told "Extra" that when she and hubby Will Smith decided to have a fundraiser for the Obama campaign at their house, the secret service swept the property for any hazards.

    If there was a carpet tack sticking a little too high out of the rug, the bodyguards knew about it. But it was "not a bad thing," in Jada’s opinion. In fact, she revealed that they helped her uncover a few long-lost items.

    "They really helped me find some items that I had been looking for for a long time," Jada joked. "They’re in every corner of your house, but for me it was alright."

    While most people wouldn’t be too keen about the secret service combing every inch of their house, Jada accepted it as a necessary measure to host Michelle Obama at her home. "Whatever needs to be done for the security of our first lady,"  Jada said. "By all means."

    There was also mention of the fact that Michelle thinks Will would do a great job playing her hubby President Barack Obama in a movie. "I think that would be good. I think that would be really good," Jada agreed. "I think that Will would love that."

    Although Jada was thrilled to do her part for the Obama campaign, there is another cause that is very important to her in the upcoming election: ending human trafficking. She revealed, though, that it was one of her children that brought the problem to her attention.

    "It was interesting that it was Willow who brought this issue to me,"  Jada said, recalling that the information blew her mind. "When she brought it to me, I didn’t believe her. So, I had to start going on the ‘Net and getting information and getting myself educated. And the whole world opened up to me."

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    Take a look at pics from Will and Jada’s other fundraiser for the Obama campaign below!



    —Sonya Eskridge




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