‘RHOA’ season 5 recap: 11.5.12

    Cynthia Bailey: “There’s one boss”

    When it comes to her daughter, Noel, Cynthia Bailey makes the rules. While her babydaddy, actor Leon, wants Noel to return to school, Cynthia wants Noel to continue being home-schooled.

    It turns out Noel, who said she never wanted to home-school in the first place, might have overruled her mom.

    However, over at the Bailey Agency, Cynthia has the last word when newcomer, Kenya Moore, gets a little carried away while judging potential Jet beauty models.

    Channeling Simon Cowell, Kenya criticized the wannabes on their walks, bathing suits and overall looks, and things got really out of hand when Kenya called security on one of Cynthia’s staff.

    “This is out of control. So, I have to step in,” said Cynthia whose employee endured manhandling from one of Kenya’s private bodyguards. “For her to walk anywhere when no one knows who she is, just makes no sense.”

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