Tamar Braxton denies divorce rumors

    Don’t expect any news of a split out of Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert. They’re sticking together.

    They may fuss and fight, but divorce is not an option for Tamar and Vince! The couple told Wendy Williams that rumors of a breakup, fueled by reports that they’re selling their mansion after less than one year in the home, are completely untrue. 

    "We’re selling our house, that’s a fact," said Tamar, whom Wendy had accused of planting the rumor to drum up ratings for "Tamar & Vince" this season.

    She added, "I don’t really lie because it’s hard for me to remember stuff. I would never put a rumor out like that that implies that Vince and I were splitting up because this is my baby! I don’t play with that one."

    Instead, the couple offered a completely legitimate reason for why they needed to upgrade from their 15,000 sq ft. estate in Hidden Hills, California.

    "What happened was, Tamar needs a beauty salon," said Vince, who told Tamar that he wanted her to have everything she needs. Also it gets all of her beauty tools out of his face. "I don’t like her glam in my bedroom, in the bathroom. And, you know, we need a gym. I need to work out. We just need a little bit more space. She has a lot of shoes!"

    As it turns out, Tamar and Vince had originally planned to stay in their house and just add all the extra rooms they needed. Tamar didn’t any reason she couldn’t repurpose one of the rooms in their mansion as her own salon. However, the couple also took her family visits and the cost of construction into consideration when they decided to move.

    "The builder was like, ‘Vince, you’re going to waste money. You don’t need to do all this. You add all this stuff, it’s going to be ridiculous,’" Vince recalled.

    "I know it sounds crazy, but you know I have a large family," Tamar added. "We didn’t want to compromise any of the bedrooms."

    Tamar and Vince have also been to couple’s counseling on their spin-off, so many assumed that gossip about a divorce had to be true. Not so, according to Tamar. She said that she and Vince were just in a rough patch while WE tv was following them around. "I just feel like at that time, when they were shooting the show, that we were definitely going through something," she said. "A lot of couples go through a lot of things."

    So are they getting a divorce? "No, never. When we got married, we decided that divorce was not an option," Tamar stated.

    To that end, the couple revealed that no matter how upset they are with each other, they always sleep in the same bed when they’re in the house together. Despite having all the extra rooms, they refuse to spend a night apart.

    Get more on how to enter Vince’s singing compeition in Daily Buzz 11.5.12. In the meantime check out more shots of Tamar and Vince below!



    —Sonya Eskridge




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    Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert selling mansion

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