Why We Love It: ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ season 5 premiere

    "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" is finally back, and here’s what we thought!

    It’s been a long wait for the Atlanta housewives to make their return to Bravo, especially considering the huge cast changes! With Sheree Whitfield exiting the show, Kim cutting back on her screen time and two new Georgia peaches in the basket, we couldn’t wait to see what season 5 of "RHOA" has in store.

    When it was revealed that Kenya Moore would be added to the cast, fans couldn’t wait for her to bring a little more class to the show. And folks were curious about Porsha Stewart. Not to mention, NeNe Leakes and her ex-hubby have been getting very friendly, and a reconciliation seems very likely. And she’s been busy on the West Coast with all kinds of TV gigs. Sweetie and Kim were back on good terms again, and the assistant got a fresh makeover! And how can anyone forget the awesome fact that Kandi’s in love again?

    Needless to say, the off-season created quite a few questions that "RHOA" fans wanted answered. After months without the ladies, they made quite a splash when season 5 premiered Sunday night. But what did we think of the premiere? Read on!

    What We Like:
    - The intro looks super-sleek!
    - Gregg is determined to get NeNe back, but she’s not making it easy for him.
    - We finally get to see Kandi and her man on a date! It’s good to see her happy again after AJ’s passing.
    - Phaedra’s quote of the night: "The Vera Wang of funerals."
    - We admire Phaedra’s initiative to network with an animal hospital in the vision she has for expanding her funeral brand.
    - Peter Thomas spoke Patois! Love it.
    - NeNe’s spreading her wings beyond reality TV, and you saw genuine gratitude from her when talking about all the opportunities she’s had.
    - There was a cameo by Ryan Murphy!
    - Cynthia’s got a little extra backbone this season, and she’s not about to let anyone run her over!
    - Kenya Moore was introduced via Miss Lawrence, so her casting makes a little more sense now.
    - Kenya looked just as fabulous as we expected her to—and she had a couple of different looks for the confessionals. WORK!

    - Miss Lawrence credited his new physique to a diet of "stress and bulls@!t."
    - Lawrence’s nails were fierce, and we love that Bravo cameras made it a point to get a couple frames of his hands.
    - Sweetie’s back, and we didn’t hear Kim Zolciak scream her name!
    - It was good to find out more about Kenya’s personal life, and that she’s come out of some very difficult struggles.
    - Kandi’s new house, which she paid for in cash, is actually two houses. She’s very rich!
    - Kim is wasting no time expanding her family.
    - Hey, Q Parker! We loved that he made a cameo on "RHOA," and that he was such a gentleman throughout all the craziness at Cynthia’s casting.

    What They Need To Work On:
    - NeNe’s back to the long weave. She looks so much better with a short, sassy, snatched cut!
    - Kandi’s moving quick. But like she said, "If I want to take care of every muthaf*@#er in here, I could!"
    - The amount of smack that Kim was talking about Kandi’s place (both of them) was ridiculous!
    - Kenya’s way too new to be fighting with the "RHOA" veterans.
    - NeNe tried calling Tyler Perry and the number had been disconnected. Embarrassing! At least she was able to laugh it off.
    - The model with the two-headed pit bull body art had "crazy" tatted all over her.
    - Kenya was a little diva-esque at the casting. She was being more than a bit disrespectful.
    - Kenya always has security with her? Alrighty, then…
    - Where was Porsha Stewart?!

    - Why is Kim waaay out yonder in the title slide for "RHOA"?

    Get a look at the "RHOA" season 5 cast below.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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