Black pastor threatened for discouraging voters

    A Sacramento pastor has come under harsh criticism and has even received death threats after retracting his support for Barack Obama.

    Dr. Phillip Goudeaux, who has led the congregation of Calvary Christian Center — the largest multi-racial congregation in the state of California — for 30 years, acknowledged that, while he did vote for President Barack Obama in 2008, the president will not be receiving his vote in this year’s election.

    "I accepted Christ in my life. My relationship with him means more to me than the Democratic Party, Independent, Republican, Black or White," Phillip told Fox40. He added, "I’m going to support people who support life, marriage between man and woman, smaller government, who supports Israel."

    Phillip noted that he is proud of Barack Obama, but that his vote is simply based on values, and an unrelenting commitment to the Kingdom of God.

    Same-sex marriage has been one of the larger and more divisive issues in recent months after Barack became the first President of the United States to openly support it.

    While Phillip and other Christian leaders disagree with Barack on this issue, plenty others agree with him, including the NAACP and Michael Eric Dyson.

    "We must not use the Bible to create more enemies of the faith, but use our faith as a basis to identify with those who are the least, lost and the lonely," said Michael.

    Despite those endorsements, Phillip traveled the U.S. in an effort to spread his message and promote the values of traditional marriage.

    "Why don’t I have a right to speak my values without being hated on?" asked the pastor.

    National polls show that support for gay marriage in the African-American community remains under 50 percent, according to

    Watch more from Dr. Phillip Goudeaux below.

    —Jacob Rohn

    Where do you stand on the issue?


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