‘Chrissy & Mr. Jones’ recap: 11.6.12

    Just as Chrissy Lampkin is getting her relationship fixed with Jim Jones, things are coming apart at the seams with her jacket line.

    Jim’s master plan

    Not only is Jim trying to get his mind right, he’s trying to get back in Chrissy’s good graces. What better way to put a smile on her face than an amazing date?

    He’s dreamed up an elaborate plan for a day of fun, romance and a little drunkeness mixed with public transit. It’s a lot more thoughtful than it sounds as Jim has a few specific destinations and special guests in mind for their day-long date.

    We just hope Jim’s new assistant won’t have to bust out the props to set everything up.

    Jim gets a grip

    While Tina is busy planning Jim’s fantastic voyage all over New York, the rapper and Chrissy take in a Yoga class to get him centered. It was an amazing idea from Justine Simmons, who has been happily married by Rev. Run for years. If Chrissy was going to get advice from anyone, she’s the one.

    Justine didn’t send Jim and Chrissy to Yoga class fresh, though. They attended with hip-hop’s resident expert on inner peace: Russell Simmons.

    Jim was having a tough time bending into all the various poses, but the Yoga class seems to have worked it’s magic on his mind. It’s a side of the rapper that Chrissy seems to miss.

    We wouldn’t suggest that he challenges Russ to a Yoga-off, though. He might pull something.


    Jim proposes business

    Once Jim got his  mind and body right, he also thought it was time to correct things in his business dealings. Specifically, Jim wants to pay Chrissy for all the help she’s  given him on Protocol.

    While he absolutely refused to give her a cut of the profits at the beginning of the season, he’s changed his mind now. Jim said he’s going to give her 20 percent of his earnings for this season, which is actually more than the 15 percent she’d originally asked for.


    Emily’s Out?

    Unfortunately, things aren’t going nearly as well with Chrissy’s own jacket line. Emily Bustamante and Talia haven’t been too keen on working with each other—and that fashion clash happened at the inception of their business.

    While Chrissy trusted Emily and Talia to get the designs together, that’s not how things have gone. In fact, it looks like most of the finished samples all come from Talia while Emily’s ideas have yet to materialize.

    That said, Emily should have been in the production room to fight for her designs. Talia wasn’t really trying to be equitable in that effort. But it was a really bad look on Talia’s part for her to imply that Emily isn’t pulling her weight on the project. And that’s when Emily went off. For anyone questioning Emily’s ability to make a workable pattern, Fabolous’ closet  is packed with her work.

    —Sonya Eskridge

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