Cynthia Bailey calls Kenya Moore ‘thirsty’

    Cynthia Bailey has a few things to say to "Real Housewives of Atlanta" newbie Kenya Moore.

    You only have one chance to make a first impression, but second impression can be tricky. Such is the unfortunate case for Kenya when it comes to Cynthia (and some "RHOA" viewers).

    Initially people were very excited to learn that Kenya was joining the cast, but viewers got more than they bargained for with her on the season 5 premiere Sunday. Naturally, Cynthia had to blog about it!

    She revealed that she was just as shocked as the viewers at Kenya’s behavior throughout the casting.

    "I don’t really know Kenya, but we do have a few friends in common. However, that does not make us friends," Cynthia stated before explaining that a mutual friend hooked them up for a phone call. The model-turned-mentor recalled that Kenya couldn’t have been more kind and gracious during their first chat, so that prompted her to want to give Kenya a fair shot. "Even though I had heard that she was as crazy as a road lizard, I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. I pride myself on being the kind of woman that embraces other women and will give anybody a chance."

    While they were on the phone, Cynthia mentioned that The Bailey Agency School of Fashion had linked up JET magazine to do a casting for Beauty of the Week. Given Kenya’s background, Cynthia thought she might be a good addition to the judges’ panel. Besides, she figured her new co-star didn’t have anything better to do.

    "Since she didn’t seem to busy doing anything else, I invited her to come and be a judge. She immediately jumped at the opportunity and could not thank me enough for the invite," Cynthia explained, adding that the open call was the first time they’d met in person. "Although we spoke on the phone, the JET casting was my first encounter with Kenya face to face."

    Cynthia took exception to all of Kenya’s harsh comments to the hopefuls, who came before the panel in hopes of gracing the pages of JET. "If you are not trying to be the mean girl, then don’t be. Just shut up and judge. That’s the only reason I invited you in the first place," Cynthia stated, addressing Kenya directly.

    "I’m sure being such a big public figure, and a top actress/director/producer you had thousands of movie/TV jobs that you could have been working on," she added. "And let’s not forget your busy ‘butt’ modeling schedule."

    But, Cynthia didn’t stop there, continuing with a line of comebacks Kenya. "Why are you so comfortable to come into my place of business and act a hot a*$ mess?" Cynthia questioned before inquiring why Kenya hadn’t gotten an exorcism before showing up for the casting call. She also suggested the former Miss USA seek professional help for her face. "Who are you and where is your dermatologist?"

    And Cynthia really didn’t appreciate Kenya’s pep talk to the girls after all of the biting comments during the actual casting. She also balked at the notion that she was copying her fellow judge.

    "No one asked your thirsty a*# to say anything in the first place!" said Cynthia, who vehemently denied accusations that she’s a little scared of Kenya. "There is no reason for me to be intimidated by you. You have nothing I want or can’t get. You are delusional."

    Take a look back at the explosively dramatic casting below.

    —Sonya Eskridge

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