Kenya Moore: ‘Cynthia should retire’

    Cynthia Bailey may have graced the cover of several women’s magazines and own her own modeling agency, but Kenya Moore thinks her “Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-star should consider retiring.

    “Even though Cynthia is a beautiful woman, at 45, maybe Cynthia should retire her dusty old wigs and worn out makeup brushes that are just as worn out as her welcome mat from the modeling industry,” Kenya wrote in a blog.

    The two clearly got off on the wrong foot when Cynthia asked Kenya to help her judge a contest for a JET beauty of the week. Kenya’s comments to the up-and-coming models bordered on cruel, and she asked her personal bodyguard to remove one of Cynthia’s employees from the building.

    “For her to walk anywhere when no one knows who she is, just makes no sense,” said Cynthia who eventually had to check her.

    Kenya, a model, actress and producer, took issue with Cynthia’s suggestion that she’s a virtual unknown.

    “If you don’t know, you better ask somebody,” she wrote. “In fact, the very audition she held for the Jet Magazine Beauty of the Week, I was chosen as a Jet Beauty. I also have a Jet Magazine cover. Do you have a Jet Magazine cover, Cynthia? NO, you don’t.”

    After bumping heads with one of the show’s returning stars in the season premiere, some might wonder why Kenya decided to join the hit show.

    According to Kenya, she wants to serve as a role model and positive example for viewers.

    “"I hope a lot of women will be able to identify with my personal struggle. With that said, we are all real women and it’s as real as it gets on season five of ‘RHOA,’” she told “It’s not always peaches and cream, no pun intended.”

    Being a cast member also challenges her to do something she’s never done before.

    "The show was an opportunity to take a risk to do something I’ve never done before and step outside of my comfort zone," she said.

    Find out more about Kenya below.


    —Kimberley Glascoe

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