Machine votes for Mitt Romney

    At least one Pennsylvania voter faced a technical glitch when casting their ballot today.

    MSNBC reports that an election machine had to be taken out of service when someone revealed that their vote for President Barack Obama had been repeatedly  recorded as a vote for GOP challenger Mitt Romney.

    The problem went viral when a YouTuber dubbed centralpavoter posted of themselves pressing a touchscreen to vote for the president, but Mitt’s name was checked off. To show that it was not a simple fluke, the voter pressed Barack’s name several times, and each time the ballot was counter for Mitt.

    Conversly some Republicans claim that some machines are counting Mitt’s votes for Barack.

    It’s not clear whether there was just a problem with the screen’s calibration or whether the machine had been tampered with. However, that could be a moot point as ABC News reported around 9:21 p.m.that president Obama was projected to win Pennsylvania.

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    —Sonya Eskridge




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