Mimi Faust tears into Twitter critics

    For his birthday, Stevie J received a thoughtful birthday tweet from babymama Mimi Faust, and Mimi got a lot of grief.

    “Happy Birthday @hitmansteviej Steven Jordan!!! have a great one Peace & Love…!!!” she innocently tweeted.

    Those who seemingly believe Mimi should distance herself from her two-timing ex, wasted no time chastising her for the birthday wish.

    “While @MimiFaust be tweeting @hitmansteviej hbd he’s out with joseline getting a piece of @$$,” wrote one viewer.

    A clearly perturbed Mimi responded with more than a little disdain.

    “Y’all need to Grow the F*%k up….Hear me LOUD & CLEAR…I …..DON’T …..GIVE NOT ……ONE …….F*%K SO WHY DO???” she wrote.

    Although they’re no longer together, Mimi reminded her critics that she and Stevie will always be connected since they share a child.

    “[He’s] my daughter,s father so what… I’m not trippin of him & that b!tc#… Yall are."

    Even though some of Mimi’s followers didn’t appreciate the birthday wish, Stevie J didn’t seem to mind it at all.

    “thank u so much ma! Love always,” he responded.

    See more of Mimi’s tweets below.

    It looks like Joseline had a birthday, too.

    —Tracy L. Scott


    Were critics justified in chastising Mimi for wishing Stevie a happy birthday, or were they just trippin’? Leave your comments below.


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