Kandi isn’t the only one offended by Kim’s comments

    Kandi Burruss didn’t say much when Kim Zolciak continued to make off-color comments about her new home, but after giving it some thought, she had to get some things off her chest.

    “Have you ever had one of those moments where something happened that wasn’t cool and after the fact you thought you should’ve told that b!tc# this or that? Well that was one of those moments for me,” Kandi admitted in her “Real Housewives of Atlanta” blog.

    The comments to which Kandi referred were made in the season 5 premiere episode when Kandi invited Kim to tour her new homes. In addition to noting that the house was once in foreclosure and mentioning that she locked her car doors when entering Kandi’s neighborhood, she also joked about Kandi’s indoor pool, which she said was appropriate for a Black person.

    “I was trying to be cool, like maybe they didn’t know better,” said Kandi about Kim and her employee/friend Sweetie Hughes. “…but after a while it was like Ok that’s enough of the ghetto neighborhood comments.”

    Kandi wasn’t the only “RHOA” cast member irked by Kim’s words.

    Phaedra Parks said Kim’s remarks made her question whether Kim really is racist, something she vehemently denied after season 4’s Black baby drama.

    “I thought that was very insensitive and borderline racist,” Phaedra said on “The Wendy Williams Show.”

    Of course, Kim’s nemesis, NeNe Leakes, chimed in with her thoughts on Kim’s less than supportive attitude about Kandi’s good fortune.

    “You guys have eyes and ears, so your eyes saw what mine saw and your ears heard what mine heard! What I say is I’ve been saying things to you guys for a while now, so you figure out what it is!” she wrote.

    In her defense, Kim explained that she wasn’t feeling her best that day.

    “I wasn’t in the best mood. It was over 95 degrees outside, I was 7 months pregnant, and Kandi’s home had no A.C. running,” she said, adding that Sweetie and “several movies and songs” had given her the impression that the area was a less than ideal one.

    “My comment about her having an indoor swimming pool because she’s Black was just a silly joke. Kandi, Sweetie and I laughed. Quite frankly, I wish I had one myself,” she said.

    Watch Kim throw a bit of shade Kandi’s way.

    See Kandi with Toya Wright, Romeo Miller, Phaedra Parks and more of her celebrity friends.


    —Tracy L. Scott

    Do you think Kim is racist? Will Kandi and Kim’s friendship survive season 5? Leave your comments below.


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