Lil Wayne ordered to pay $2 million

    It may have seemed like a laughing matter before, but it will be Quincy Jones III laughing all the way to the bank with Lil Wayne’s $2 million in his pocket.

    The Young Money CEO/Founder was understandably unhappy about losing his Carter documentary lawsuit against Quincy. He originally sued Quincy over the use of his music and his "scandalous portrayal" in the 2009 indie film, which followed the Grammy Award-winning rapper before and during the release of Tha Carter III album. Quincy counter-sued, claiming that Weezy’s disparaging comments about the project caused the filmmaker to lose money.

    Although a few “milli” is nothing for Lil Wayne, who recently suffered two mid-air health emergencies, he is reportedly angry because he thinks the judge should have given him time to recover from his illness so he could have made his case to the jury.

    Apparently, Wayne feels that had he been given the opportunity, he could have “turned jurors and convinced them that Quincy’s documentary on him was defamatory.” He’s also convinced the jury would never have awarded Quincy more than $2 million for lost profits as a result of Wayne trashing the flick.

    In an ironic turn of events, since he was unable to appear in court, the judge had to rely on Weezy’s deposition to hear the rapper’s side in his own words. Of course, that played more like a "Saturday Night Live" skit than an actual legal proceeding.

    The judge cited Wayne’s deposition interview as "irresponsible." Despite not making it to trial, he still managed to be courtside at the Heat game in Miami that same day.

    —Kimberly Wilson



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