Rihanna denies dating Chris Brown

    Rihanna sat down with Andy Cohen for a live chat with Facebook fans, who had the chance to ask her some very personal questions.

    RiRi got up close and personal with some very lucky social media users on Thursday night for her first ever live chat on the site. The sitdown was mainly driven by fan questions, but music was not the only topic of discussion as Rihanna got real with the King of Dish.

    Of course people wanted to know what’s really going on with her and ex-beau Chris Brown, whom she flatly denied dating.

    Breezy makes an appearance on her upcoming album Unapologetic in a track called "Nobodies Business." Rihanna said she and Chris weren’t trying to make any subliminal statements about their relationship—whatever it may be—with the song. Rather, the song speaks to how Rihanna feels about how she chooses to live.

    “Nobodies Business” is basically the way I look at everything regarding my personal life. Even though you have to witness it, it’s being documented at every second, it is still mine," Rihanna told Andy. "When it comes to my music, I’ll give and I’ll give and I’ll give. I just feel like I need to keep a little bit for me and I’ll get to decide."

    When Andy pointed out that things like their other recent duets and couple-esque sightings keep the conversation alive, Rihanna argued that people would talk about her and Chris no matter what they do.

    "I’m not putting it out there as much as it’s just there," she said. "I can’t run away from there. If I had it my way, it would be really nobody’s business.  I can’t escape that, and it sucks, but whatever."

    In an attempt to lighten the mood, Andy wanted to play a little game in which Rihanna was to share the first thing that came to her mind when he mentioned several people. She thinks Kanye West is "genius," but Jay-Z is "even more genius." But what about Bey? Rihanna thinks she’s "gorgeous…a stab to my self esteem."

    When it comes to Mariah Carey, Rihanna said, "Her voice is an instrument. Its unreal really." Rihanna summed up Mariah’s "American Idol" co-star Nicki Minaj in one word: "a*s." And while "power" is the first thing that comes to mind for RiRi when she hears Mary J. Blige’s name, she stated that Madonna is "queen."

    Finally Andy slipped in Chris’ name, Rihanna, answered, "He’s dope too." But, when asked if they’re back together, she simply said, "No."

    Watch Rihanna’s full chat session below!

    And in case you missed it, here’s a taste of the upbeat, ’90s-flavored "Nobodies Business"!





    —Sonya Eskridge




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