‘RHOA’ season 5 recap 11.12.12

    Kandi: “It just feels right.”


    Phaedra’s visit to Kandi’s house was a lot different than Kim’s. Phaedra had nothing but nice things to say about Kandi’s home and neighborhood. However, Phaedra wasn’t too keen on Kandi’s bulldog. She was bitten by a dog years ago, and is still emotionally scarred. So, her affinity for the four-legged only kicks in after they’ve kicked the bucket.

    "When they have passed on, I’m very comfortable with them," Phaedra said.

    As for Kandi and Todd, the award-winning artist said moving in with him just felt right.

    What wasn’t so right to Kandi was NeNe’s "rise above the drama" speech during the empowerment party. Kandi recalls when NeNe wasn’t quite so mellow.

    "The drama for you wasn’t that long ago," she said.

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