‘RHOA’ season 5 recap 11.12.12

    Kim: “I think I’m living in a la la land.”

    Kim Zolciak is still trying to figure out where she and her growing family should live. Eviction seems imminent, and though she doesn’t want to move into her townhouse, it seems the most reasonable option.

    While she and hubby Kroy decide what to do, they take time out to celebrate Kim’s birthday on a yacht. He presents his wife with the thoughtful gift of the diamond bracelet she “borrowed” for her wedding ceremony. Awwww.

    Things weren’t so sweet between Kim and NeNe, but they did keep it cordial. In the end, Kim disappointed NeNe by not returning to the party when she said she would.



    Phaedra Parks: "I am really enjoying you"

    Miss America. Miss USA. It’s all the same thing to Phaedra, who can’t seem to tell one from the other. Either way, she shared that she’s "really enjoying" Kenya. So far, Phaedra’s pageant mix-up hasn’t stroked the ire of Kenya. The two are too busy comparing donkey booties. That’s not too surprising considering that Phaedra is working on a donkey booty DVD. She hits the gym with Cynthia and NeNe to engage in some gluteus maximus exercises.


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