‘Basketball Wives: L.A.’ recap: 11.13.12

    Laura Govan’s plan to bring down Jackie Christie blew up in her face on Monday’s episode of "Basketball Wives."

    Light skin vs. dark skin?

    If Laura didn’t have enough reason not to like Jackie, she could have more now.

    While digging up dirt on her ultimate frienemy, Laura sat down for lunch with Jackie’s daughter Chantel. What Laura initially thought was just going to be a recon mission to get some unfavorable info, turned out to be a "f*cked up situation" as Chantel revealed some deep family rifts.

    Chantel told Laura that Jackie would constantly compare her and Takari. Supposedly, she would put Takari down for being heavier and darker than her younger sister. The constant competition caused the girls to not speak for a very long time. And Chantel believes the only reason that Jackie talks to them now is to preserve her own public image.

    The whole thing was a little too much for Laura to handle.

    Gloria gets shot!

    We finally got to see Gloria in action as she shot her new web series. Playing a killer is tough. It included slitting a man’s throat and getting shot. If any "BBW" star was up to the challenge, it’s definitely Gloria, who only had two takes to get the scene down.


    Malaysia’s totally ’80s birthday

    Oh, Malaysia Pargo. We know her heart is in the right place when it comes to trying to foster peace and love among her castmates. She just wants everyone to love each other. Unfortunately, some fences may be a little harder to mend than others.

    Well, at least Malaysia tried.

    Jackie’s not really getting along with Draya Michele or Laura, but Laura is on a mission to get revenge on Jackie. Her whole cover was almost blown at Malaysia’s old school birthday party when Brooke Bailey tried to get Laura to come clean about her feelings for Jackie.


    Let them eat cake

    Jackie may have really believed that Laura is her friend, but the other ladies of "BBW" don’t like that Laura is beating up her fellow "BBW" vet.

    The cast wasn’t about to continue letting her get away with campaigning against Jackie. Still, the girls don’t want Jackie to be confused: They still don’t like her. The cast knows the difference between right and wrong, and they won’t stand up for anyone getting bullied.

    That means Laura wasn’t getting away with anything on Malaysia’s birthday. And in an attempt to keep things as peaceful as possible, the usually peace-loving reality star told her girls to shut up and eat some cake.


    Leave Jackie alone!

    Draya Michele had a sitdown with Gloria about her sister, but she didn’t quite get the reaction she’d hoped for. Ideally, Draya would have liked to see Gloria tell her sister to grow up and just stop hanging out with Jackie.  Instead, Gloria kind of justified Laura’s actions, even though she doesn’t agree with the behavior.



    –Sonya Eskridge




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