‘Chrissy & Mr. Jones’ recap: 11.13.12

    Jim Jones whisked Chrissy Lampkin off on a romantic New York date, but did he finally take her home on the season finale of "Chrissy & Mr. Jones"?

    Empire State date

    Emily Bustamante and Talia were able to set their differences aside to be part of Chrissy’s perfect New York date. After a brief boat ride with her hubby-to-be Jim, the couple stopped to grab a bite with her girls. 

    It wasn’t quite a magic carpet ride, but Jim definitely swept her off her feet—especially after he got her a beautiful new dress.

    My place or yours? 

    After spending their first night together in a very long time, Jim and Chrissy had a very important decision to make. Jim wants her home, but before Chrissy packed up her things to come home, she needed to know that Jim was ready to make the necessary changes. Jim said it would be heaven to his ears if Chrissy agreed to leave the hotel.

    As much as Chrissy and Jim miss each other, she couldn’t just go back without knowing that her point had been made. If Jim wasn’t willing to fix something about the dynamics of the relationship, what would be the purpose of them taking a break?

    Of course, Chrissy wasn’t leaving Jim, but she had some very specific requirements that came along with her return to the Jones household. While she believes that she and Jim are a perfect fit for each other, she still made it clear she wants more time with him in a new house.


    Chrissy comes home

    After a rather tumultuous season, Jim and Chrissy just might be getting it together.

    "She’s still the girl I got a crush on," Jim bashfully admitted as Chrissy settled back into life at home with him. He’s really trying to be better for Chrissy, who realizes that she’s got to be a little more patient with Jim and do some work of her own.

    We can’t exactly call this a happy ending, though. Chrissy won’t hear of it! "We’re just getting started," Chrissy said. "I don’t see life without out him. It would be easier, but it wouldn’t be right."

    But what’s up with Talia, Emily and Mama Jones? Find out!


    —Sonya Eskridge

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