Damon Dash proud of Jay-Z’s success

    Years after the two hip-hop moguls parted ways, Damon Dash said he and Jay- Z would need a mediator to get their friendship back on track.

    While selling their company and focusing on separate ventures was a business decision, Damon said the end of their personal relationship is another matter.

    “I need Dr. Phil for that one,” he told GlobalGrind.com. “There’s a lot of like perceptions and prejudices and hip-hop bull$#!t with it, and I wish that it wasn’t that. The bottom line is we created one of the biggest movements independently of all time, and that’s positive.”

    Despite his somewhat controversial departure from Roc-A-Fella, Damon said he’s happy for the success of his former partner.

    “Every success they have, I’m proud of. Every time I see them on television, I know what I did,” he said about Jay and Kanye West, noting that he has no regrets.

    Damon admitted that he had a blast making music and building an empire in his 20s, but it’s not something he’s longing for now that he’s a decade or two older.

    “I’m 41. Being in a rap environment is mostly being around a lot of men, and they’re young men, and they’re aggressive and they’re usually insecure,” he explained.

    “I prefer to be like in fashion or a place where there’s art, a place where there’s no bullets and no security.  I don’t miss those days, but I know for the age I was—I was in my 20s—I know I was having a lot of fun,” he said.

    When it came time for Jay and Dame to split, he questioned why people found it so dramatic since such professional decisions are made all the time.

    “All we did was make a company together and sold the company and went and did other businesses. Why can’t two Black people do that? That happens all the time. It was a business arrangement obviously, and we do two different kinds of businesses,” he said.

    Dame wouldn’t comment on whether he ever speaks to Jay-Z, but he had nothing negative to say about the Roc front man.

    “I have nothing but positive things to say about him. He’s doing well,” he said. “What he wants to be, he is, and that’s what counts.

    Watch more of Damon’s interview below.

    —Tracy L. Scott


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