Jackie Christie’s daughter talks family drama

    Jackie Christie’s daughter, Chantel, regrets airing her family’s dirty laundry on TV.

    When Chantel sat down with Laura Govan to discuss what life was like with Jackie as a mom, she had no idea it would cause such a stir.

    On Monday’s episode of "Basketball Wives," Chantel told Laura (and subsequently the world) that Jackie created a very divisive family dynamic. For example, she claimed that Jackie would distract her from talking to her father and that Jackie allowed her sister Takari to be homeless for about three months. There was also mention of Jackie possibly favoring Chantel over Takari based on their appearance—more specifically, differences in their complexion and weight.

    If she could go back to her lunch with Laura, Chantel said she would have kept all of that to herself. "I was in a bad place in MY life. Was it right? No." Chantel tweeted. "Was it "all lies"? No. Was it 4 "publicity"? No. Did I kno where Laura was coming from? NO. Do I regret it? I regret airing my personal life out 2 sm1 who, I now feel, had malicious intent."

    To reiterate her point, Chantel stated, "I regret addressing it publicly, at all. You all can believe WHATEVER you would like to."

    That said, Chantel is making no apologies to the public for her moment of poor judgment, which has resulted not only in harsh criticism but also personal threats. "I know MY truth," she said. "I will not call it a mistake because in THAT moment, it was exactly what I wanted to do. Looking back, it NEVER should’ve happened."

    Moving forward, Chantel hopes to continue repairing her family bonds, but she plans to do so out of the public eye. In closing, she reached out to her mother to work on that goal.

    "@JackieChristie, I love you. & I’m not sure how, but as a FAMILY, I’m sure we’ll get through this," Chantel tweeted. "If you’re ready, I’m willing. And to those that have said evil, malicious things to me… I’m praying for you. Not even mad at cha. You can only speak on what you see."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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