NeNe Leakes takes credit for ‘RHOA’ success

    NeNe Leakes said if it weren’t for her, "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" wouldn’t be such a hit.

    Of the five shows in Bravo’s "The Real Housewives" franchise, the Atlanta installment is the most popular. When "The Insider" asked NeNe why she thought her city has done so well, she was not modest about touting her own pull.

    "Well a., because of Nene!" she joked before pointing out the other very obvious difference. "’Housewives’ does really well because of Nene Leakes and what I have to say is, in the franchise of "The Real Housewives," we are the only brown girls."

    While "RHOA" has a mostly Black cast, in NeNe’s estimation, the other shows in the franchise are not nearly as diverse. "You can always turn on the TV and see those Beverly Hills girls, those Miami girls, those New Jersey girls, your New York girls and you still sorta kinda get the same flavor," she said.

    Race aside, though, NeNe thinks she heads up a particularly interesting cast that compels people to watch what happens (see what we did there, Bravo?).

    "I just think that we are entertaining, and with us, we are not so plastic surgery," NeNe said.  "We’re so not scripted, we are just a disaster [laughs]. We just get up there and do it!  We don’t mind the cameras! We’re all very open to the cameras, so we make a great team."

    That team includes NeNe’s friend-turned-enemy, Kim Zolciak. Though NeNe said she wishes Kim the best, she wasn’t surprised or bothered by Kim’s low-key shade during the shindig featured on Sunday’s "RHOA" episode.

    “Anything negative any of these girls have to say just doesn’t faze me,” NeNe wrote in her blog. "Kim’s intentions from the word go are never good! Kim and Sweetie are rude, negative, sad on the inside, and pretend to be happy on the outside, people that need to go sit down somewhere and find some happiness.”

    She added, “They look like complete fools going places with their nose turned up being negative and always, always, always have an excuse."

    If there was any question as to whether NeNe and Kim would ever be friends again, it appears the answer is no.

    “I extended the olive branch, and I’m moving on,” NeNe wrote.


    Check out more shots of NeNe when you flip through the slideshow below!

    —Sonya Eskridge





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