Paul D. Jones tells you how to build a fortune

    Did you know you can create millions without having a high income? That’s the powerful message Who Told You…You Were Broke? author Paul D. Jones is spreading—and he should know!

    Paul made his first several million by selling telecom services in his home-based business. Luckily he never listened to the droves of people telling him he would never be successful at it. He simply managed his money well. “You can never listen to people that have never actually created wealth because the only thing they know is what doesn’t work,” Paul explained.

    In September, Paul released his highly anticipated follow up book Schedule For Success (available on and The sequel is geared towards regular, everyday working people—especially those that have realized their dream but don’t have time to fulfill it. Paul believes you have to plan to succeed and encourages people to schedule financing, good health, and relationships. “It’s a matter of writing it all down, understanding the spiritual value to it, sticking to it and going for it,” he insisted.   

    Outside of his motivational books, Paul runs JMG Net Worth, which helps its clients repair their credit, pay off debts, and take advantage of tax opportunities through a solution he calls the “Four T’s to Being Wealthy.” According to Paul, the economy shouldn’t be a deterrent to gaining wealth. Paul pointed out, “History shows there were more multi-millionaires created during the Great Depression than any other time in American business history."

    Paul has great advice on how to gain wealth, but what about folks that have wealth and need to maintain it? S2S asked the financial guru what advice he has for hip-hop sweethearts rapper Wiz Khalifa and his model fiancé Amber Rose, who are expecting their first child.

    “I would advise them to seize every moment they can to store up for tomorrow as we know this entertainment industry changes dramatically. Next year there could be another Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose.” He went on to suggest, “Set up a trust in that baby’s name.” According to Paul, if you were to put away $10,000 and not touch it, 45 years from now it will be over a million dollars.

    Paul also suggested Wiz and Amber set up some asset bearing investments and to diversify their interests like singer Avant. For example, with the interest rate being at an all-time low, the couple can buy property and use it for leverage to get ahead. Don’t worry Wiz and Amber, you don’t have to do this all on your own. Paul said to give him a ring and he will hook y’all up at no charge.



    —Stephanie Dayton




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