Laura learned a lesson from revenge plot

    Laura Govan wanted to teach Jackie Christie what it felt like to be betrayed, but she admitted that she ended up learning the lesson.

    “My biggest thing was, ‘You are definitely going to feel how I felt,’” Laura explained about her “Basketball Wives: L.A.” season 2 plot to give Jackie a taste of her own medicine.

    In season 1 of the series, Jackie seemingly fabricated stories about the women, telling Laura and others that their fellow co-stars disliked them. So, Laura decided to talk about Jackie behind her back in season 2 and make the eldest cast member question their friendship.

    “You’re going to get the wrath that I got,” Laura said, describing her motives.

    However, after Laura had a one-on-one with Jackie’s daughter, who took the opportunity to vent all her frustrations about her mom, Laura admitted that things “flipped.”

    “It changed,” said Laura. “It took away from my evil side. It made me realize what life is really about. It was a lesson. I got a lesson, and I’m thankful for that lesson.”

    However, that’s not to suggest that she regrets how things went down.

    “No, I needed that lesson. I got it, and it was good,” said Laura, who was able to salvage a bit of her relationship with Jackie.

    “Jackie and I are definitely cordial. Will we be friends? No, never,” she said.

    Watch more of Laura’s interview below.



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    —Tracy L. Scott


    Was Laura justified in trying to give Jackie a taste of her own medicine, or was it unnecessary? Leave your comments below.


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