Tameka Foster denies eviction again

    Tameka Foster is again denying rumors that Usher has evicted her from the home they once shared. 

    Chatter about Usher kicking Tameka out of the mansion they shared until he moved out during the 2009 divorce have been circulating for months. But when TMZ reported that the house was listed the Atlanta mansion for $3.2 million, a new round of rumors began.

    It didn’t take long for word to reach Tameka, who tweeted in frustration, "People write without using COMMON sense. Evicted really? This sh*t gets boring & sickening 2 read or hear.. Family callin’, just dmb as hell."

    She added, "What an utter waste of such a blessed skill. Bastardixation of education. Write laws, grants, text or childrens books. Not LIES & innuendo."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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