Gloria Govan talks ‘Clean Ops’

    • Being rough-and-tumble is no problem for Gloria Govan; being graceful, however, was another story while prepping for her new web series "Clean Ops."

    "Basketball Wives: LA" fans have watched all season as Gloria worked on the six-episode web series, where she plays an assassin named V that goes undercover as a ballet dancer. Gearing up for the role required Gloria to train three times a day every day for a month.

    Readying oneself to play a cold-blooded killer is no joe, so Gloria’s schedule required her to go through rigorous routines for ballet, weapons training, boxing and self defense.  "I felt like I was going out for the Army or the Marines. It was just crazy, " the reality star told S2S. Surprisingly, the "BBW" star found that dancing was a lot tougher than she expected.

    "The toughest part for me was probably ballet" said Gloria, who admitted that she had no problem with the more lethal components of training. Labeling herself as rhythmically challenged, the reality star said, "I’m not a graceful person at all. I’m such a tomboy, it was so difficult to find that part of me and unleash that."

    She added, "I give it up to all dancers—ballet dancers especially—I think I walked in thinking, ‘Oh, whatever, it’s ballet. How hard can it be walking on my tippy toes?’"

    Gloria, who would sometimes have bloody toes after ballet practice, told S2S that producers for "Clean Ops" had her working so hard that she had little time for anything else aside from taking care of her kids. The "BBW: LA" star, who has spent more time this season being caught up on all the drama than being involved in it, even noted that she’d catch a little shut eye at every given opportunity.

    "There were times when I fell asleep standing up I was just so tired," said Gloria. Much like with motherhood, though, she thinks the outcome put the arduous task of shooting "Clean Ops" in perspective. "It was intense, but I had such an amazing time, I feel like the outcome—and now seeing the product itself—it was so worth it."

    After the show launched on YouTube last week, some questioned why Gloria’s character V would tweet about her assignments, and she said that’s part of the irony of V and "Clean Ops?

    "It’s her way of saying how bad a*s she really is. She can confirm a kill publicly," Gloria explained to us, speculating that V also uses her updates as a challenge to anyone that might think of taking her on.

    Gloria sees big things ahead for "Clean Ops," which is also being published as comic book. Not only does the reality star characterize V as "the new Lara Croft," but in a couple of years she’d like to see people dressing up like her for Comic Con.

    In the meantime, though, Gloria has a lot to consider when it comes to her future on "Basketball Wives: LA." This season, she and husband Matt Barnes have decided to keep their relationship off screen,  but will Gloria return for another cycle?

    "I think at this point in time I can’t say yes or no. I do know that the other projects I’m working on will allow me to kind of move forward from ‘Basketball Wives,’" Gloria said. "Not to say I don’t pay homage to VH1 or the franchise, but I feel like, personally, I’m kind of out growing it."

    She concluded, "I haven’t made any decisions yet."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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