Maia Campbell owns her story on ‘Fix My Life’

    Maia Campbell opened up about her bipolar disorder, drug abuse and losing her mother on "Iyanla Vanzant: Fix My Life."

    On Saturday’s episode, "Fix My Fallen Star," Maia stated that she wants to regain control of her life after a very public fall from the spotlight.

    Most people didn’t know how bad things were for the once-fresh-faced "In the House" star, who suffers from a mental disorder, until very disturbing video of her hit the Internet in 2009. The clip showed Maia cursing at the camera while allegedly high on drugs.

    This case was particularly rough on Iyanla because she knew Maia’s mother, New York Times bestselling author BeBe Moore Campbell. To Maia to deal with her past, Iyanla had the actress rehash her downfall, which included multiple arrests, drug abuse, a divorce, and eventually losing custody of her daughter–all while struggling to manage mental illness.

    "The courts put me in a locked facility for a year and a half," Maia said before showing Iyanla her group home at a mental facility. "I went there from jail for petty theft with a prior [offense]."

    Maia now voluntarily lives in a residential treatment center in the hopes of one day being able to live on her own. "I have bipolar disorder, and it’s a piece of my life I want to work with [so] it doesn’t consume me…[so] that it doesn’t take over my whole life," she said.

    Maia recalled that things started taking a turn for the worse in 1998 on the set of "In the House" when she had a few episodes of acting out. That’s when she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which Maia didn’t fully accept at first. As such, Maia did not take her medication to manage the mental condition, but she did use narcotics when BeBe took Maia’s daughter from her.

    "I was using. I was self medicating, making a bunch of excuses," admitted Maia, who argued that her parents were not very supportive of her dreams of stardom. "My mother and my father were telling me that I wasn’t capable of my dreams…I wasn’t capable of making it without failing."

    In the beginning of Maia’s time with Iyanla, the life coach pressed the actress to own her role in her situation instead of blaming others. To correct Maia’s perspective, she had the actress return to the stage.

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