‘RHOA’ season 5 recap: 11.19.12

    Porsha: “My life is the $#!t ‘cause I’m very, very blessed."

    Porsha Stewart loves being young, according to her Twitter post, and is happily married to a former NFL player, Kordell Stewart.

    “I’ve always lived well,” said the granddaughter of a civil rights icon who describes her life as “perfect.”

    What wasn’t so perfect was Porsha’s charity event that started with her hubby presenting her with a cake and designer purse. After covering him with kisses, Porsha promptly kicks him out. After all, it is a ladies only event.

    Oh wait, does Miss Lawrence count because Kenya is expecting her male friend to show up any minute now?

    Luckily, Porsha never had to choose between being a gracious host and kicking out Kenya’s friend. That’s because Kenya walked out before Lawrence arrived and before dinner was served.

    The former Miss USA was just a little annoyed that young Porsha couldn’t get her title correct, but her host didn’t feel like that justified Kenya’s behavior.

    What started off as an awkward, yet cordial, relationship turned into a straight up beef as Porsha confronted Kenya just as she and her entourage were attempting to leave the event without even bidding farwell.

    Kenya seemed to think she was owed an apology, but Porsha reminded her that the entire event is for charity. The two women sniped back and forth before Porsha asked Kenya, who was already waiting for the valet to bring her car, to leave.

    “You’re so old!” she shouts as Kenya rolls out.

    Nice! (not)

    Now, Kenya likely gets little sympathy from viewers after the way she’s been treating Cynthia, but if Porsha didn’t think much of Kenya’s accomplishments or Miss USA title, then why did she invite her to her function? The mature thing would have been for both women to apologize. Porsha owed Kenya an apology for announcing her incorrect title, and Kenya owed Porsha the same for walking out on her event.

    Of course, that would be too much like right.

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