Sneak preview: ‘Marrying the Game’

    Tiffney Cambridge and Game have a very different idea of how their wedding should go.

    Although their wedding plans are currently in limbo, "Marrying the Game" will take an intimate look at the couple’s first attempt to jump the broom.

    From the outset of the show, it looks like Tiffney and Game aren’t exactly in sync about who needs to handle all the wedding prep. While the bride-to-be can’t wait to check out their wedding venue, Game would rather stay in bed or head to the studio.

    And once he’s at work, he characterizes the impending nuptials as a death march. But could it be that he sees the whole thing as a little unnecessary because he already feels married?

    "I’m having a funeral," Game said in the preview clip below, after ignoring a call from "Tiff Taylor."

    No matter how Game feels about the wedding planning process, Tiffney wants him to be on board for the whole thing. She’s just frustrated that it doesn’t seem to be a priority for her hubby-to-be.

    "If it’s something that he needs to do–if he has a video or he needs to be at the studio–he can be there, and he can be on time for that,"  Tiffney said "But when it’s something that I need him to do, then it’s a problem. He can’t get it up; he can’t be on time; he needs his rest, and I think it’s wack."

    But Game reasons that he’s not really the problem because Tiffney is being way too intense about getting things together for their big day. "This is a woman who’s planning a woman," the rapper argues, "and we all know how f*@king freaky psycho, Jason, killer these women get when they’re planning a f*@king wedding!"

    Check out the official premiere of  "Marrying the Game" tonight when it airs at 9:30 p.m. EST on VH1 and get more from Game and Tiffney in the December 2012 issue of Sister 2 Sister.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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