Solange, Beyoncé’s kids like brother and sister

    The roles were reversed a bit for Solange Knowles and big sis Beyoncé once baby Blue Ivy arrived on the scene.

    When Solange’s marriage was ending, the 26-year-old said she took comfort in being able to pick up the phone and call her older sister whenever she needed to talk. While Solange was going through her breakup, Beyoncé was maintaining a relationship with rapper Jay-Z.

    “Every time there was drama and I was all the way in Idaho, it was nice to be able to call,” said Solange who said being a mother to son Julez is easier for her than marriage was.

    That’s “when you really, really need your sister,” she told New York Magazine recalling those days of unhappy marriage.

    Solange may not have any relationship advice to offer her sister, but since she’s been a mom longer than Bey, she said she’s now the one doling out parenting advice.

    “Now it’s kind of a reversal, with her getting married and having a baby after me,” said Solange whose son is building a close relationship with his cousin Blue Ivy.

    “Blue comes over. I babysit,” she said. They “are going to grow up more like sister and brother than cousins.”

    While she’s raising her son and watching her niece, Solange is also busy working on a new album, True, due out November 27.

    See photos of Solange, Beyoncé, Diana Ross and more celebrity moms and kids.

    —Tracy L. Scott


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