‘Basketball Wives: LA’ recap: 11.20.12

    There were many success to celebrate on the latest episode of "Basketball Wives," but hating still seemed to prevail.

    Role models

    Malaysia Pargo decided to take a break from making peace on her team and used her time to establish a connection with some young ladies from her community. She wasn’t looking for a new circle to roll with, she and her friend Bambi were looking to become mentors.

    Malaysia and Bambi made it out of the hood, but they recognize that they didn’t do it on their own. Now that they’re in a position to help someone else, the BFFs are reaching back to give other girls more opportunities than they had and to be guides.

    Malaysia’s time to shine

    Before now, Malaysia was content to stay behind the scene in her marriage between seasons of "Basketball Wives." This means going wherever her hubby is recruited to play and being his emotional support. But as she’s started to make a name for herself, Malaysia wants to "live out loud."

    Every woman, whether they are a wife and mom or not, has the right to establish something of her own. And Malaysia is pursuing that, which requires creating a home base. But with an impending trade for her man, what does that mean for her role as wife.

    There aren’t too many other women on the cast that Malaysia can talk to about this problem, and since she’d rather give Jackie Christie a rest, she takes the conundrum to Gloria Govan.


    All white everything

    Jackie Christie was a little off-color for Draya Michele’s all-white launch party for Mint Swim. While the rest of the guests knew to wear nothing but white to the party, Jackie apparently missed the memo and rocked a black-and-gold body suit.

    Instead of ducking out before the guest of honor arrived, she just waited and sweated over what Draya’s reaction would be. As expected, the model wanted to kick her out, but Jackie pulled out a congratulatory present. Not only was it good etiquette, but it saved her from Draya’s wrath.


    Party foul

    No one can accuse Jackie of not being the star of her own mental movie. Naturally, she was a little offended when Draya asked her to keep a low profile at the party.

    It’s almost needless to say that that did not happen. What should have been a night to celebrate Draya’s new bikini business, turned into a round table discussion over why Laura Govan wants revenge on Jackie.

    Although it would have been wise for Bambi to keep quiet during this dispute, she leapt to Jackie’s defense. This newbie definitely rides hard for her friends.


    Brooke covers ‘King’

    Being professional definitely worked out in Brooke Bailey’s favor. Remember how Draya stormed out of that photo shoot earlier this season? Well it cost her the cover of King.

    Of course it could also be argued that Brooke  getting the extra frames ultimately earned her the cover King. So which is it? Did Draya forfeit the cover or did Brooke earn it fair and square? The difference could be argued for quite some time, but Draya doesn’t seem to think Brooke would have been any real competition, stating that she would have gotten the cover had she stuck around to shoot.

    Before things got too ugly, Gloria brought things back into perspective by reminding everyone that this was a Brooke moment.




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