Kelly Rowland opens up on new album

    Kelly Rowland is excited about her upcoming fourth album, which is the most open and honest she’s been with her fans so far.

    “I’m so excited,” Kelly told Billboard. “It’s probably the most vulnerable I’ve been on a record, and I wanted to definitely just touch a woman’s hand and talk to her, like this is my sister.”

    That may explain the title of the effort: The Year of the Woman. Kelly said it pays homage to and encourages the resilient women out there who are making it happen despite the odds.

    “That’s one of the things that I wanted to really pronounce on this album is a celebration of a woman. With so many women that I know, and the challenges that we go through and how strong we are, I wanted to make sure that was pronounced on this album, and I have,” she said.

    Kelly’s vision for the album was clear and that made it easier to line up the right team to help make it what she dreamed.

    “It’s really great to know exactly where you want to go. It’s great to have writers fall in place, producers fall in place and some things be so unexpected,” said Kelly who’s working with famed teamed Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis on the project.

    “I’m actually in the studio right now with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, and let me tell you something, they are a part of the foundation of who I am, as well, because their sound was one of the first things that I remember about R&B and one of the things that I craved for the rest of my life. Just being in the studio with them, I had to pinch myself.”

    The list of producers and writers goes on, and Kelly said it’s all coming together and turning into something she hopes her fans will also be excited about.

    "It’s such beautiful work so far, and I’m so excited, and I can’t wait for everybody out there to hear The Year of the Woman. It will be out first quarter of next year.

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    See photos of Kelly with LaLa Anthony, Ludacris, Dream and more of her celebrity friends.

    —Tracy L. Scott


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