Kenya explains her issue with Porsha

    Kenya Moore walked out of a charity event hosted by fellow “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star, Porsha Stewart, but she said it had little do with Porsha’s failure to refer to her using the correct pageant title.

    “Many people have confused my title and it doesn’t offend me. However, in this instance, the blatant disrespect and disregard for my title and accomplishments that night did not fall to the wayside,” said Kenya who was more offended by Porsha’s display of extravagance in the name of charity.

    “Disturbingly, the host prides herself on being a glorified gold digger and self-proclaimed ‘princess,’” wrote Kenya in her Bravo blog. "You can fix a lot of things, but you cannot fix stupidity," she said.

    During the charity event for the Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless Foundation, Porsha, the founder’s granddaughter, accepted an expensive purse from her husband. The newlywed, who had a hard time remembering the word “recession,” later tweeted that it was a birthday gift.

    “Why would anyone stand in front of a crowd under the pretense of charity wearing a $4,200 dress and receive personal gifts of a $4,000 Chanel handbag and have the audacity to ask people to donate money?” asked Kenya who said the spectacle made her “stomach turn.”

    When Porsha confronted Kenya, the former Miss USA explained that she was offended about the title mix-up, and Porsha clearly didn’t agree that it was that big a deal.

    “I don’t remember that. I don’t,” Porsha said, noting that it was more than a decade ago when Kenya won the crown. “Okay, America, not USA, what have you.”

    While many viewers took issue with Kenya being overly sensitive about the title and even narcissistic for insisting others get it right, she pointed out that it was hard earned and something in which she takes pride.

    If Porsha had worked equally as hard to make a name for herself, she’d understand that, suggested Kenya.

    “Long after I’m gone, my title will remain,” she said. “When your claim to fame rests on the laurels of someone else’s achievements, you will never understand what it is like to earn or be anything great in life, sadly limited to a wife of… or granddaughter of…"




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    —Tracy L. Scott


    Does Kenya have a point? Was it "extra" for Porsha to receive such an expensive gift at a charity event? Why or why not? Leave your feedback below.


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