‘Marrying The Game’ recap: 11.20.12

    Game and Tiffney Cambridge had a few bridal battles on the season premiere of "Marrying The Game."

    Daddy’s girl

    Tiffney might be hard pressed to get her hubby-to-be  to participate in any of the wedding planning, but Game definitely has a soft spot for his little girl, Cali Dream.

    After Tiffney finally coaxed Game out of bed, he immediately went into daddy mode and played with his daughter. Although he’s never been too excited about all the wedding details, Game got a little misty-eyed seeing Cali in her flower girl dress.

    If he has it his way, this is the only wedding Cali will ever be in…unless she marries Jesus.

    Say yes to the dress

    Once Tiffney had her flower girls taken care of, the next step was to get her bridesmaids dressed. Like any good bride, Tiffney wanted to make sure that her girls looked good in their gowns, and that meant turning down at least one bootylicious option.

    It took the girls a couple of dresses, but eventually they found a gown that would look great on all of them without showing off too much. And as a bonus, the ruffle detail on the front goes well with the flower girls’ dresses.

    But the real show stopper was Tiffney’s tulle ruched, mermaid cut gown.


    Cake off

    With the dresses out of the way, and a final look over the venue, the wedding cake was the next major wedding detail to take care of.

    You’d think that since this was the only thing that Game seemed to be excited about for the big day, that Tiffney would let him pick the cake. Not so. The bride wanted a big, pretty, tasty confection to cut into for the reception, so she scouted for the perfect baker. Game, on the other hand, wanted to give the job to one of his homies.

    Neither Game nor Tiffney was backing down on their demands, so that one left one choice: a cake-off! Who won? benefiting from the phrase "happy wife, happy life," Game let Tiffney have her cake. Besides he wanted some of Tiffney’s cakes, so he had to give in.




    —Sonya Eskridge

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