Mashonda calls out Alicia Keys

    Mashonda still isn’t buying Alicia Keys’ denial that she was Swizz Beatz’s mistress.

    Earlier this week, Alicia again stated that she only got with Swizz after he left Mashonda. However, Mashonda has stated for years that Alicia was sneaking around her then-husband and even alleges to have credit card statements proving as much.

    So when Alicia claimed that she’s no homewrecker, Mashonda didn’t have much to say. "’Adding insult to injury’ This was derived from the fables of Phaedrus in the first century AD. Apparently it’s still alive in 2012," Mashonda tweeted. "You can’t create the truth, it’s already made…"

    But Mashonda may not have gotten the last word afterall as Alicia did an interview on ABC.

    "He was a little over the top for me," Alicia said of her initial impression of Swizz. While discussing the development of their relationship, the reporter did not gloss over the fact that it started on very messy terms. All Alicia would say on the matter is that things are working very well between them now.




    —Sonya Eskridge




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