Chad Johnson facing jail time again?

    Chad Johnson once again has a possible jail sentence looming over his head, but this time it’s over child support.

    Just months after escaping imprisonment for allegedly abusing ex-wife Evelyn Lozada, Chad is entangled in another legal battle.

    It’s not Evelyn, but Chad’s babymama Andrea Pearson, who’s filing charges this time around, according to TMZ.

    Andrea, mother of one of Chad’s four children, is accusing the former NFL baller of failing to pay the more than $5,000 in child support due to her last month. She also alleged that he’s perpetually late with providing funds when he does pay.

    It’s not clear what type of jail sentence Chad might have to serve, but that would only be necessary if he doesn’t come up with the required money before facing a judge.

    Chad, who still has more than 3 million Twitter followers, has been subject to growing criticism since the domestic violence incident in August.

    One Twitter follower questioned how Chad could post photos of himself in expensive cars and designer clothes while his kids allegedly go without.

    “He’s flossing in all his designer clothes but has no money for support, that’s sad,” wrote Chad’s critic.

    However, Chad suggested that the rumors aren’t true.

    “Sad is your dumb @$$ believing everything u read,” he wrote.

    —Tracy L. Scott




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